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          Pingyi Huachen Plaster Building Materials Co., Ltd., founded in August 2003, has a floor area of 60,000 square meters. It is located in South of Mengshan Mountain, a beautiful national grade forest park, adjacent to Beijing-Shanghai Highway and Rizhao-Dongying Highway in the east, National Highway 327 and Yanzhou-Shijiusuo Railway in the South and only 2 kilometers away from the local natural plaster diggings with an annual productivity of 500,000 tons. The company boasts its advantageous geographic location, convenient transportation and abundant resources.
          The company has a total investment of 38 million yuan, two production lines of high-grade principal plane plaster boards and one production line of PVC plaster clean ceilings. It has an annual productivity of 40 million square meters of high-grade principle plane plaster boards and 20 million square meters of PVC plaster clean ceilings. The products sell well in China and have been exported to many countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, winning a good reputation among customers at home and abroad. The company also produces mating products such as plaster powder, lightgage steel joists, joint belts and self tapping screws. The registered trademarks include Huachen, Lulong, Runyang, Bluedon, OBI and Cookson.
          The principal plane plaster boards, made of natural plaster and specialized high-grade plaster board mask paper by finish machining, have the characteristics of fireproofing, soundproofing, heat preservation and quake resistance, and have the advantages of light weight, convenience of machining, high construction speed, low labor intensity and good decorative effect, which are applicable to the decorative field of suspended ceilings, partitions and surface coatings. The PVC plaster clean ceiling is made by using high-grade principle plane plaster board as the basal plate together with high-grade eco-friendly PVC composite film and backing aluminum foil through unique process treatment. As an economic, elegant and fashionable decorative material for suspended ceiling, it has unique properties of safety, eco-friendliness, health, no dust falling, moisture proofing, quake resistance, sinking protection and convenience of cleaning, and is widely applied to advanced commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and various plants and large-scale places.
          Under the concept of “Survive by Quality, Survive by Service”, all the staff will make efforts to forge the brand image of “Brilliance” and serve the whole society. Welcome to contact us!